Looking for old equipment -- please help!

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Date: Thu Nov 11 07:35:49 1999

At 03:15 AM 11/10/99 +0000, Mr. Diablo wrote:

> >"Does anybody know of anywhere in southwest Michigan where one can find
> >older surplus minicomputer and workstation equipment?"

West central Indiana is not the far away.

On Tue, 09 Nov 1999 _at_ 21:43:46, Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com> wrote:

< words of advice snipped >

> After a short while, rent a warehouse because if you start seriously asking
> for stuff it _will_ start arriving and you will be inundated!

Never were truer words spoken by a wiser man ;-)

My first mess of DEC equipment came from someone who called me. The next
thing I know I am wondering where to store it all while I sort it out.
The latest call was to see if I was interested in a mess of Intel boxes.
Hard to say no, when who knows what goodies might be lurking inside the
next machine you pull the cover off of. One thing early on is to
convince your significant other that there is nothing abnormal about
having multiple computers in multiple rooms of the house.

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