CDC 9766 SMD drives

From: John Allain <>
Date: Thu Nov 11 16:43:28 1999

I've been told these babies are toast in 1 hour.
Well, they lasted Eight days more than I feared.

Thanks to all who replied.

John A.

and thanks to the Guys at WRPI who told
me about that 1401 back in 1980...

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Dumpster-Dive alert from a Newbie.

  Two Control Data Corp 9766 Storage Module Drive units
  to go ** FREE ** to a good home in the tri state
    (New York, New Jersey, Conecticut this time)

  These are the Classic drives from the late 70's that
  everybody at the time is probably familliar with
  ( Open the top like a clotheswasher, lock in a removable
    300MB platter array, push the start button & go )
  I don't remember the DEC designator for this but I'm
  positive that Many companies re-marketed this as their
  own component to their MiniComputer offerings, they were
  everywhere, I used one in in 1982, but I don't need three

  These two were taken from a system deactivated just
  recently. One of the diskpacks was marked something
  like "Backup Nov-1997" so it's a pretty good guess that
  everything was working.

  They are sitting safe in an office right now, but Pls.
  act fast if you're interested.

  FYI JEA (John Allain)
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