apple II DOS diskettes - can they be made on a PC?

From: Jay West <>
Date: Fri Nov 12 13:21:22 1999

I just got an apple ][+ and two disk ][ units. I have no diskettes for it
though. Specifically, I'd like to get a copy of the disks that come with a
disk ][ unit. This would be the DOS disks (16 sector version I seem to
recall???) and any example disks and/or utilities that normally came with

So - two questions - 1) Can the disks be made on a PC clone system 5.25
drive with something like rawrite or teledisk? and 2) Can someone point me
to where these images can be obtained on the net or would a kind sole email
me the images?

I don't remember much about the apple ][+, it's been almost 20 years since I
played with one so I hope the above questions are somewhat clear :)

Thanks in advance for any tips and/or advice! (please reply to

Jay West
Received on Fri Nov 12 1999 - 13:21:22 GMT

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