Prime 2550 possibly available

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Fri Nov 12 23:48:21 1999

  I have been thinkin' lately that perhaps I oughta stick strictly
to DEC Stuff... and I am trying to reduce the tonnage around here.

  So I gets to lookin' at the bee-yoo-tee-full PR1ME mainframe that
I actually paid to rescue. And it ain't got no DEC logos on it nowhere.

  Is anyone withing the purview of The List and within trucking
distance of LA CA interested in this machine? It is in working
condition, has a lot of software loaded on it (exactly how mnay app
I don't know) and has extensive and complete software doc. It laso
has several 1/2" tapes, tow with the OS and one 7"-er marked 'games'.

Peripherals are 1.2G SCSI Seagate Sabre w/front panel, 350M CDC SMD
(spare SMD avail) 32 user ports and Kennedy 9100 1/2" drive. Power
runs on 110 single phase... not in original cabinet, so some
cooling fans will need to be added. Unit is in 6' rack with casters,
Kennedy is seperate and loose, tho I have the rack slides for it. 35
serial cables are included, and one spare CPU and two spare 1M
memory cards. The original control panel is also present and

 IDEALLY... I'd like to sell it, but the price is variable
according to the situation of the prospective adopter. I *did* pay
good money to keep this old girl out of the scrapper's.

  Any van or small pickup truck can handle the whole thing in one go.

  I want it to be loved and *run* and played with. Now's your chance
to do a little Pick hacking... from what I read in the Doco, that's
included in there somewhere. OS rev is 20.2.8 for the PR1ME literate
among you.

  Any takers in or near SoCal?



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