Whoohoo! Fortune Telling...

From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Sat Nov 13 14:02:38 1999

As I gaze into my crystal ball... I can look into the future.... It is
getting clearer now... clearer... I can see the possiblity of maybe a Vax
in my basement sometime soon... :-) :-)

There's a guy from Canada (right across the river - I live in a border
town) that is a repair rep for (now) Compaq that does the service on a
number of Vaxen in northern Ontario, with whom I've opened a dialogue! We
started talking about the lunacy of Win2k, the inability of WinNT and
defined the "good" in "good old days..."; how Wintel just doesn't cut it
compared to the older stuff and ooey-gooeys just give you sticky fingers.

Anyway, from what I understand, he mostly works on Alpha-based machines
now, but did Vax work in the past and knows a lot of the installations
around the area. While we were recounting the good old days, I casually
mentioned "well, ya know, if you know of anyone wanting to get rid of a
Vax..." and he said that he may know of a few being replaced!!! :-)

He was also telling me how he thought the OLC (Ontario Lottery Corporation
(IIRC) - they have a rather large office building [for this area] in Sault,
Ontario) and he thought they were throwing out some stuff but didn't know
if they already did, and what problems I might have with Customs on the
return trip (but I know a lot of Customs agents, so I should be able to
swing anything provided it's not illegal... :-) but he'll check it out and
let me know next week if anything's available. (he's out of town in Toronto
for a week).

So... maybe I'll get to ask a lot of Vax questions here soon!!! :-)

Take care & happy hunting,
Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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