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Date: Sat Nov 13 19:50:14 1999

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> > 12. IBM PS/2 model 70 portable (joke) seems to be a 386 with 12 meg HD.
> > Pretty heavy for a portable and only runs with a cord plugged into the wall.
> ah yes, the P70. gas plasma display so that's why it can only run on ac
> power. make sure your floppy drive works, there was an ECA about that. they
> seem to sell pretty good around this area, although i have spotted one in a
> computer junk store for $35, i'm holding off for cheaper. When it was new, it
> sold for over $7k.
> D~

I've got two of these here in the Austin, Texas area if anybody wants a pair.
Will trade them for a six-pack of Coke. 8-)


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