KK8E, KK8A and front panel questions

From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sun Nov 14 21:30:12 1999

So I've got this PDP-8/e OMNIBUS box, a pile of cards and want to see what's
working. Here's my parts list:

  2 x KK8A CPU cards
  1 x KK8E board set
  1 x MS8-C Hex MOS memory card
  2 x KM8 "option 2" cards
  2 x DKC8AA "option 1" cards
  1 x PDP-8/e OMNIBUS box w/front panel

When I load the KK8E into the box, I can set addresses, examine data in
the MS8, toggle in small programs (NOP, NOP, JMP 0) that appear to work.
One odd thing - when I load an address then deposit data, if I'm reading
this thing correctly, it seems that the data is going one location higher
in memory than I think I'm at. I'm not certain if this is operator error
or something wrong with a card.

When I load a KK8A board into the box instead of the KK8E, it runs blank
memory OK, but when I attempt to set the load address, pressing the key
increments the MA register from what ever it is. I can single step, but
not easily set or inspect memory if I can't reset the address.

Now the questions:

I know you can stick a KK8E in a hex ONMIBUS box (-8/a-620, etc.). What
happens if you try to put hex cards in a quad box? (I have the PSU set off
to the side for clearance, in case anyone is wondering how I did it.) Does
the hex MOS memory _need_ to be in a hex slot to have power/grounds/term
on the fifth slot?

Is the front panel from a PDP-8/e *compatible* with the KK8A? I do not own
a programmer's panel for the DKC8AA, nor do I currently have a hex chassis
where the cards are, limiting my options.

Eventually, I can get a hex box and all these cards together, but for now I'm
trying to work with what I've got.

One last side question: has anyone ever used the parallel port on the DKC8-AA?
Drivers aside, it seems like you could do quite a lot with it. The handbook
suggests that it's possible to use it to run a LA-180, but with the data
inverted and with different IOTs.



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