NFS on VMS (was Re: Effective Speed of 10BaseT)

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Nov 15 00:21:22 1999

>NFS clients for Win9x PC's at any sensible price (ie freeware or shareware)
>seem to
>be non-existent. I have Xlink on this machine, and it works well, but why
>aren't a swag of free/shareware ones kicking around on the net is anyones
>I don't recall seeing any free/shareware DOS/Win3x clients either.

What is interesting on this note, is that there is a free client, and it
seems to work fairly well, for BeOS.

>> .......I've spent the entire evening trying to get the VMS box in
>> quesiton serving up NFS.
>I run Multinet 3.2 Rev B NFS Server on a 6000 under VMS 6.0 here,
>and I have a VMS 6.2 Vaxstation that has UCX installed for tinkering.
>What is the problem you are having getting the NFS server to work?

I think the problem is with the way I've got the Proxies set up. I can
mount the drive on my OpenBSD box, but can't access it, can't even see it
when I do a 'df' (that is a seriously wierd experience). I can't even
mount it on my Linux box. I'm wondering how it will react to one of the
Solaris boxes, but haven't booted one yet.

I also can't figure out how to export a directory instead of an entire
disk, it doesn't even look to be possible. I'd really like to export
DKA200:[PCTMP], instead of DKA200: since that's what's served up via
AppleTalk and Samba.

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