NFS on VMS (was Re: Effective Speed of 10BaseT

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Nov 15 13:37:32 1999

>You should be able to export a logical ("dka200_pctmp" = dka200:[pctmp])
>and get your access control that way.

That was the way I expected it to work, but it didn't. I think the
following is the correct syntax:

TCPIP> map "/dka200" dka200:
TCPIP> add export "/dka200/pctmp"

I did some testing on the following proxy statement this morning, and it
seems that you need both this proxy, and the user proxy to get stuff to
work. The key thing is that the following doesn't appear to give everyone
SYSTEM privleges as I was afraid it might. Still makes me nervous, and I
still need to do some research on it.

TCPIP> add proxy /gid=-2 /uid=-2 /host=* system

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