Dont want to start a flame war here but

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <>
Date: Mon Nov 15 15:15:47 1999


Just curious. What motivates someone to collect old minis and mainframes???
I can see it being nice to look at for a while, but something as big as a mini is
very cumbersome to have around the house (let alone an apartment). And what
pratical use does it serve running it at home anyway??? I see a lot of posts
about collectors having paper tapes, reels, card readers, etc, but how often does
one really use it or even turn it on. I would imagine that it probably sets idle
for about 95-99% of the time and most people would turn on a PC instead. I have a
SUN IPX and a PC. I rarely turn the SUN on, but I keep it around to do some
practical UNIX programming on a real UNIX box instead of linux, freebsd, etc. As
I said, I dont want to start a flame war or anything, just curious thats all......


PS: If I started to collect stuff like that, my wife will throw me out of the
house. She already complains about my transputer equipment...

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