Dont want to start a flame war here but

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <>
Date: Mon Nov 15 15:42:05 1999

"Zane H. Healy" wrote:

> The best answer is probably a question, why do you collect Transputer
> equipment?

Well, the reason why I collect transputer equipment is to learn practical
parallel processing. I always had an ambition to build a parallel computer
and transputers makes that happen. The performance isnt what one would
expect. It is never going to be a Cray or a parallel Alpha machine, but the
technology hasnt changed all that much. It is a TRUE parallel processing
machine (that is designed for parallel processing), not like the NOWs (Network
of Workstation) that are common these days. And anything I do on a transputer
will be directly applicable to the worlds most powerful parallel machines.
I can design code on my transputer and run it on any parallel processor in the
world, if I have access to it that is, and it will run without a problem as
long as I use MPI, PVM, etc.

> The main reason I'm collecting Mini's is to be able to play with their
> Operating Systems. Besides I'm actually getting my OpenVMS cluster set up
> as a fileserver for my other systems. The hardware is also fun to work
> with. Some people spend a lot of thier time on the Computer Games, me I
> find Mini Computers and their OS's to be the ultimate in computer games.

I dont mind playing with old equipment. And you are right, it is really fun.
But, who has all that space and the time to play with multiple machines like


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