Fireproofing questions

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <>
Date: Mon Nov 15 19:21:54 1999

Hi all,

I just scored a 6-foot metal, 2-door cabinet that is marked as fireproof.
I'd like to think it'd be a great place to store classic media, but it's
not entirely heat-proof. To test it, I placed a hot clothes iron on the
outer wall and measured the temperature/rate of climb on the inner wall,
as well as the ambient temperature inside the cabinet. It was enough that,
even with a comparatively small heat source (well, to a garage fire,
anyway), anything within a few inches of the inner wall would have most
definitely been damaged, and possibly items close to the center after a
half-hour of exposure to the heat source.

My question is this: is there something anyone could recommend that would
make a good lining for the inner walls of the cabinet to insulate it from
heat? Something that doesn't take up too much room (would kind of defeat
the purpose of having a cabinet to store things in) and would protect the
interior contents in case of a small fire. I don't think there's anything
between the inner and outer walls besides air, though I'm not certain.
Perhaps I could squirt some of that expanding foam in there or something?


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