VAXStation 3100 problems :(

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Date: Mon Nov 15 22:22:40 1999

I was looking at your message and a few other things came to mind.. I should
really condense all my thoughts _before_ writing :)

(1) I'd highly doubt the VS2000 graphics board would fit in the 3100.. I
tried to check the size of a VS2000 memory board once (since my VS3100's
failed and its only got 4 meg now) and it didnt fit, so i'd imagine it
would be more or less the same scenario with the video card.

(2) I dont know if you'd want to bother running Ultrix on the thing; you
could either get a free license of OpenVMS 7.2 (newest version) from, or you could run NetBSD on the system,
which I gather runs _very_ well now that SCSI DMA has been implemented
in the newest devel kernels. Using either of those routes, you'd at
least get something pretty modern... Going back to Ultrix would mean
digging up an old version with probably no support at all.. I gather
that Ultrix wasnt a particularly great implementation of UNIX, either,
however i've never actually used it myself so I guess I can't speak
authoritively on the issue.

-Sean Caron (
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