Dont want to start a flame war here but

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Tue Nov 16 12:46:03 1999

Larry Truthan wrote:
>Where do I start? Learn VMS or Learn hardware requirement for, and get

Simple, it's a MicroVAX, learn VMS :^) I hate to say it, but that's
probably what it's best for (probably should justify this statement, 1. the
Hard Drives, 2. the fact it's 0.3 VUPs). Don't take that wrong, I think
that's a seriously cool sounding system you've got there, and a lot rarer
than any of my VMS capable systems!

I've now got a VMS box set up and serving NFS, AppleTalk, and Samba (Samba
is only there for legacy apps). It's also doing FTP, and I'm working on
getting it set up as a Mail server (if I actually start running my own
mailserver I'll probably split that job off to another member of the
Cluster). I don't think I'll bother with putting a Webserver on it since
my Firewall acts as a Web and FTP server (unfortunatly in order to get a
NAT and a good Firewall it's running UNIX).

Have a look at the following web page for info on the OpenVMS Hobbyist

Unfortunatly the MicroVAX I isn't supported by OpenVMS 7.2, and I don't
remember what the last version to support it is, might be 5.5-2.

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