OT: A Unix question (the TALK function).....

From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_pechter.dyndns.org>
Date: Tue Nov 16 13:39:57 1999

> Well, TALK is an old command so, maybe it's not off topic....
> Can anyone tell me what's going on...
> When I "talk wolf_at_hera.dominion.net", it SEEMS to make a connection then I
> get "[Checking for invitation on caller's machine]" and it sits there...
> mocking me. (Stupid machine).
> Talk works fine when myself and the person I am trying to contact are on
> the same machine.
> What is the deal?

1. Talk has a problem. It's byte order dependant and old.
    It only works with machines of the same byte order. The fix is
    (I believe) ytalk which is a new version of the talk program.

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