Help identify a 'luggable'

From: Truthan,Larry <>
Date: Tue Nov 16 15:10:27 1999

Any Compaq stickers on ROM chips? 8088 Processor? Compaq Logo posted on
boot? or Compaq BIOS message? It can't be that clean!! Their original
video card which did either color or mono should also have Compaq Specific
ROM stickers.and Perhap Paradise Palm Tree logos etched on the card. FCCID
labels on the Main Board should be tracible to Compaq.

Compaq was very proud to have Clean "Compatible" Bios

I was the Owner of Luggable Serial # ??000029. I should have my manuals

Power supply was the weakness early luggables had.

Does it power up?

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I am trying to help someone identify a machine. They believe it is
a Compaq 'luggable', but the name plates have been removed.
Following is some info. I realize it is not much to go, but if anyone
has some insight, I would appreaciate it.


*outside dimensions
    width 19", length 17", height 7 1/2 "
* keyboard has spiral cable from back right of keyboard to main case, and
has sliders that move toward center of back of kb to unlock
*monitor is 'orange',
    left edge is 3 5/8 inches in from left outside
    right edge is 11 1/4 " from left outside
* power/reset push buttom is near bottom of front panel, center 6 1/2 "
from right side, center measurement
* opening for diskette drives ( a 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 ) has left edge 6 5/8
inches from right side
* there are apparently nameplate 'places' at
    back left of keyboard
    top left on from panel
* keyboard has 3 red lights at back left labeled ( left to right )
    caps lock
    num lock
    scroll lock
* on the left side ( looking from the front ) is a sliding door with
    access to end of circuit boards inside for plugs
    a rocker switch labeled - MONO RGB
* on right side door
    power switch
    socket for AC power cord
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