SWTPC 8k Basic / Vintage Software Policy

From: Douglas A. Peckham <doug_at_sontek.com>
Date: Wed Nov 17 09:38:30 1999

  Hello all,

  I have been watching this list for some time now and have enjoyed the
enthusiasm with which people pursue the preservation of the classic
machines. My personal project has been restoring a SWTPC 6800 to
satisfy my nostalgic needs and I have gotten it up and running solidly.
The next step for me in this quest is to locate a copy of the BASIC
interpreter I used back then - SWTPC's 8k BASIC. I am willing to take
it in any format (i.e. cassette tape, paper listing, disk file, paper
tape, ...). Any help along these lines would be greatly appreciated.

  This brings me to a related second question. What is the consensus on
copyright policy for vintage software. I am happy to pay for the
software I acquire, but it's obviously more complicated with software
written 20+ years ago. Any advice on this would be appreciated and I
apologize if this topic has been covered before.

  Doug Peckham
Received on Wed Nov 17 1999 - 09:38:30 GMT

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