VAXStation 3100 problems :(

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Wed Nov 17 09:44:50 1999

> Unfortunately, I don't like VMS (duck and cover)...

Boo hiss 8-)

> NetBSD is slowly
> getting there, but there wasn't any support for the console port the
> last time I looked. I have Ultrix 3.1, but before I figure out
> how to attach the TK50 drive, I wonder if it will run... I'm still
> looking for the Ultrix Window System 3.1 (or 3.0) though... I'm willing
> to trade VMS license PAKs (real ones) for a variety of layered products
> for a UWS 3.0/3.1 license and TK50.
> Besides, I like running apropriate OSs on old machines...
> > -Sean Caron (
> >
> >
> BTW, I just finished get NetBSD netbooted onto the machine... I pulled
> the 8 plane board, and wiggled the memory board, and the memory error
> went away... More playing is necessary...
> THanks,
> clint

I just picked up an external SCSI TK50 unit in case with power supply.
As is --- anyone interested in it drop me a line at
before it ends up on E-Bay. I've got other scsi tapes and I'm going
to be loading VMS from CD so I don't need it.

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