Would you take my PDP-8I for ?

From: John B <dylanb_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Wed Nov 17 12:12:49 1999


Would be willing to trade me a transistor peripheral(s)for a major piece of
equipment like a PDP-8I (mint, running of course) . I also have some major
peripherals like the negibus floppy drive (Straight-8,8/S,8-I Sykes 7150 8"
floppy), high speed paper tape and DF32 (I will only let the IC versions
go). Don't get me wrong, I like the 8I... but I like the 8/S better.

I am looking for any of these transistor peripherals:

      -- Type 451 card reader and control
        -- Type 451B fast card reader and control
        -- Type 450 card punch control for IBM Type 523 punch.
        -- Type 64 (later 645) Mohawk line printer and control
        -- Type 250 (RM08) serial magnetic drum
        -- Type 552 DECtape control
        -- Type 555 dual DECtape transport
        -- Type 57A magnetic tape control with IBM type 729 drive
        -- Type 580 magnetic tape system with one transport
        -- Type TC01 DECtape control for up to 8 TU55 transports.
        -- Type 251 drum (8-256 tracks, 8 sectors/track, 128 words/sector).
        -- Type 645 line printer control.
        -- Type 680 data communications system (allows 64 teletypes). ...
well, maybe ;-)
        -- Type 338 Programmed Buffered Display (vector graphics).
        -- Type DF08 fixed head disk system
        -- Type BE01 OEM version of the TC01 (no blinking lights).
        -- Type BE03 dual TU55 drive for the TC01 or BE01.

(I'm never going to know if I don't ask)

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