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> I have the opportunity to save an IBM 4381 with lots of disks and tapes; it
> is currently running VM ESA 2.1 and also has two 8232 Ethernet units. With
> a friend we would like to acquire it and put it on Internet with free
> accounts
> to requesters.
> I don't have any in field experience with IBM mainframe internals and have
> considered this configuration
> - CPU one processor
> - 3420 tape
> - 8232 Ethernet controller
> - 3990 control Unit
> - 1 disk string (3 disks or less but need work on the cabinet to
> separate the disk subsystems)
> My questions are:
> - not planning to use SNA or 3270, at least initially, do we need
> to set up the 3745 FEP?
> - is the above configuration reasonable for a minimum system?
> - tightly packing all the devices to fit in a 15 square meter room
> will cause heating or other problems?
> - how may would be interested in accessing the machine?
> - anybody willing to offer knowledge? IBM was not very helpfully
> to put it kindly.
I was a jr operator on a 4381 in 1991. from what your email says, sounds like
you have quite a lot of hardware to move and setup somewhere. a 3990 control
unit makes me think there are 3880 DASD units which will take up lots of
space and power and make lots of noise to boot. the 4381 is about the size of
a closet and almost 7 feet tall. in the shop i worked in, they had two ac
units going and the standard raised floor. you'll definately need cooling of
some sort. you might try IBM again, call their general number, 800.IBM.3333
or 800.IBM.4YOU (i think) and ask for the number of the local 'branch office'
which should get you some info. I'm estimating you will need at least a 20x20
foot room to run this configuration.

DB Young Team OS/2

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