Amdek Disks and Drives

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Date: Thu Nov 18 02:18:35 1999

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could give me more info on some stuff. I have
bought a HUGE lot of old computer stuff, and part of it is a slew of Amdek
disks and disk drives. One of the Amdek drives says Atari computer ( I
think...I still have yet to get all this stuff to the house, much less sort
through it....gonna be a great weekend of fun :-D)

Anyway, whats the deal with Amdek? I have quite a few drives, and a bunch of
disks! What was their main purpose? For just Atari, or IBM? Also, what is
their capacity? The disks look neat, and rugged...I am hoping that they will
still work :-)

Anyway, this bunch of stuff came with lots of parts too...sealed keyboard
boards for different systems and such. I think that this came out of
somebodys old computer repair place. Even has some replacement doohickeys
for dot matrix printers. Im still sorting this stuff out. Ill let yall know
more as I go along!

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