old NEC APC computer

From: Jeffrey l Kaneko <jeff.kaneko_at_juno.com>
Date: Thu Nov 18 09:36:38 1999

According to the _Microcomputer_Buyers_Guide_ (1983 edition):

  "The APC is a new 16-bit microcomputer from NEC.
   The basic compact integrated desktop system includes
   the following components: NEC UPD 8086 (8086 compatible)
   5MHz microprocessor, 128k RAM memory; 4Kb ROM; 4kb
   CMOS RAM; parallel printer interface; one or two 8"
   floppy disk drives at 243Kb or 1Mb capacity; music output;
   momochrome or color display (depending on the model);
   and keyboard. The APC can expand to 256Kb of RAM;
   maximum of two 8" floppy disks; second RS-232 port;
   32-bit floating point unit; and a line drawing graphics

A kinda odd system, with some rather strange limitations for
a micro in 1983. Most notably, memory limitations and the
fact that there are no hard disks offered for it. Definitely a
pre-PC design. I am under he impression that it was
originally intended as a word processor, but marketed as a

It ran CPM-86 or MS-DOS (both specific to the APC). The
graphics board could do 1024 x 1024, although only 640 x 475
could be actually displayed on screen. The color version
used an 8 color (3-bit) palette.

Suggested base price: Color, dual floppy $4,998
                      Mono, single floppy $3,298


On Thu, 18 Nov 1999 09:43:06 -0500 "Charles E. Fox" <foxvideo_at_wincom.net>
> At 09:34 AM 11/18/1999 -0500, you wrote:
> >Hi all, this is my first post to the list.
> >
> >I saw an old NEC computer in a storage shed that I was thinking of
> trying to
> >save. It has 'APC' on the front (Advanced Personal Computer?), two
> vertical 8"
> >floppies, and built in screen. Is it one of those 8-bit CP/M
> systems? If
> >anyone has any info on this system I would appreciate it. Thanks.
> >
> >Andy
> >
> Hi, Andy:
> The one I have uses an early version of DOS, but that is all
> the info I
> have on it.
> Regards
> Charlie Fox
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