E.U.N.U.C.H. (Overclocking in the old time)

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Date: Thu Nov 18 10:46:46 1999

> an (non multiplieable) basic 486DX CPU, the only way is to raise bus
> speed - and 66 MHz is way out of Spec for all 486es I know - regulary
> only the AMD Parts are speced for 40 or the old Intel DX50 (was quite

It was abuse but it works.

> True. But for the 6502 even more the CPU itself was often the hardest
> part to tweak. Geting fast Memorys wasn't that problem - the CPU itself
> starts to malfunction, possibly the propagation times within the CPU
> where already stressed.

That is the true limiting speed of most CPUs. The RCA CDP1802 cmos part
is an excellent example of this. At certain voltages and high speeds
the part will not work due to the internal propagation delays.

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