Whoohoo! Fortune Telling... (Customs)

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Thu Nov 18 12:19:01 1999

> > You may have to pay State tax on the purchase price when bringing it across
> > the border. Be sure to say it is for your PERSONAL hobby. Get a receipt from
> > the place you are purchasing the mini from.

> Another time I went to Buffalo and the charge was $US10.00 which the fellow
> surprised me by actually asking for it. Not that it was not worth that much (BA123
> with RD53 and TK50), but usually when the price is that low, no one actually cares.
> At the border, they did not even care about the invoice, the main factor was the date
> on the power supply - 1985 which made it so old that the customs guy could hardly
> believe it. So again, I was waived through without any duties or GST.

Well, at least over here age is no term within this calculation.
It's all about the right duty class number - and there are ZILLIONS
(well ok, a little less, but it is a book of more than 3000 pages
with several dozend numbers per page ... and you have to find the
exact type - of course almost all lead to two or three simplyfied
charges, but you have to have it - for example, is a radio module
(to be used on a radio reciver card) a radio, a PC component, an
electronic component, a comunication device or ... or ... or.

At the moment I have this problems with the customs in Bremen, about
my small pile of stuff from my last US visit ... 20 Boxes with some
eq, from a coco2 up to an RK05J... And the officers hate to look for
these numbers ...


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