YADML - Yet Another DEC Module List

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Thu Nov 18 15:34:33 1999

Well as long we are on the subject I might as well pop into it.

I have a Palm Pilot (I know not Classic yet :-) but I got it because it is
possible to develop applications for it. My "learning" application (I have
to have a need in order to get over the hump of writing throw away code) is
to put together a DEC module database for the Palm so that I can quickly
figure out what exactly a board is, or what a system might contain or need
to get running. The application is currently spec'd (by me) to have three

        1) DEC modules for classic machines (sortable by family type)
        2) DEC systems and references to their base modules.
        3) DEC modules I either have or need.

Now the programming part is pretty easy but getting the data entered will
no doubt be the most difficult. I'll be "licensing" the software for free,
if you put in some data you should send it back to be integrated into a
master database to save other people time using it. I've only got the basic
stuff done so I don't know yet how large it will be.

At 11:23 AM 11/18/99 -0800, Zane wrote:
>What can I say, I got tired of 3+ different lists for modules not covered
>in the "Field Guide", and have merged them into one list. I've also added
>some flip-chips to the list that weren't in any of the other three lists.
>Currently it's primarily PDP-8 related, but I'm working on fixing that and
>adding stuff from other PDP's (I'm not adding stuff in the "Field Guide").
>The original three lists can be found at:
>The merged list with addtions can be found at:
>If anyone has any additions or corrections I'll add them in. If anyone has
>any suggestions I'd be interested in those also.
> Zane
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