New finds and some h-11 help

From: Mike <>
Date: Thu Nov 18 16:15:20 1999

From: Ethan Dicks <>

>It is wierd - the backplane is upsidedown - the cards go in with the solder
>side up. It threw me for a loop the first time, too. Fortunately, I
>"fix" the problem and power up.

A shared experience.

>BTW, that 4x6 connector is Heathkit propietary. I have never seen one
>anywhere else except hanging up on the wall of the local electronics
>warehouse about 15 years ago back when that kind of connector was more
>common. It's a type of Molex connector.

I guessed that one too. ;)

>If you have _any_ DEC async boards, I'd pull the H-11-5 and go with a
>or the like. I have an H-11-5. It's *not* in the H-11. It's on the

How are they different?

>I do not have any docs, though, before you ask. I am stymied with the H-27
>interface card. I have tested all the TTL ICs, but this thing still locks
>up the Qbus when it's plugged into the grant chain with no gaps. With
>it begins to read the floppy at boot time, but as soon as the boot code
>turns on interrupts, because the interface is in the wrong place, the
>hangs, waiting for the interrupt that never comes.

Will it boot into a monitor without the h-27 attached and is there a command
reference somewhere around?

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