New finds and some h-11 help

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Nov 18 16:34:27 1999

--- Mike <> wrote:
> >BTW, that 4x6 connector is Heathkit propietary.

By this I meant that only Heathkit used it for a serial connector. It's
a standard Molex of some type, AFAIK.

> > ...I'd pull the H-11-5 and go with a DLV11-J...
> How are they different?

The DLV11-J uses "standard" DEC .1" spacing, 2x5 Berg connectors. There
are also wiring harnesses and backpanels to convert the Berg ends to a
panel with 4 x DB-25 w/standard DEC wiring (Male, DTE). Oh, yeah... the
DLV11-J is a quad serial card at standard addresses (so you can hang a TU-58
on it and RT-11 will know where to look), the H-11-5 is a single console
port, like some other DLV11 card (not the "J", "E" perhaps?)
> Will it boot into a monitor without the h-27 attached and is there a command
> reference somewhere around?

That depends entirely on your CPU/boot rom combo. My 11/23+ CPU (KDF11-AB)
has an interactive boot program that lets me test stuff, dump the bus and
boot devices by name (DY0, DL1, etc.) The older ROMs for the 11/23+ aren't
as fancy - boot prompt (Y/N) and optionally the device mnemonic. No diags,
no dialog.


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