Xerox D-series workstations

From: Rodrigo Ventura <>
Date: Fri Nov 19 05:50:40 1999

>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Duell <> writes:

        Only yesterday I dear the pdf's of the Daybreak tech ref
manual (cited in this thread)! It was frustrating because althought
it corroborated everything I've discovered, it did not explained what
I have not yet discovered, namely the KEYBOARD CODES!!!
        Does anyone know the actual keyboard codes? I guess this is
the big question right now.

    Tony> What are you using for a monitor? At a quick glance, the
    Tony> Daybreak monitor has ECL inputs for sync and video, and no
    Tony> idea what the scan rate is..

        I don't recall the excat values, but I got from a digital
osciloscope, the following values:
        HSYNC: 28kHz
        VSYNC: 76Hz

        I have a mono monitor with HSYNC at 15kHz and VSYNC at 50Hz,
which I was able to hack (!) in order to sync to the above values. I
use a simple transistor buffer to convert from the ECL output to the
75OHM load of the monitor. I can give you further details on this if
you want.


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