(from usenet) PDP-11 emulator available

From: Bill Bradford <mrbill_at_mrbill.net>
Date: Fri Nov 19 11:40:14 1999

Well, for those of us who cant have our own 11/34s, here's hte next
best thing:

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From: Hartmut Brandt <brandt_at_fokus.gmd.de>
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Subject: Version 2.4 of the p11 PDP-11 emulator
Date: 19 Nov 1999 15:04:33 GMT
Organization: GMD-FIRST
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Version 2.4 of p11 - the Begemot PDP-11 emulator - is available on
ftp.fokus.gmd.de:/pub/cats/usr/harti/p11. This release supports the following

        FreeBSD 4.0
        Sparc-Solaris 2.[5678]

It will possibly work on FreeBSD [23].* and other Linux variants.
To build it you need libbegemot (avalaible in the same location), gcc and
gmake. Previous versions also built on BSD/OS and SunOS.

A version of the emulator is run on one of our machines. Try one of the
following (it may not always be available):

        telnet scotty.fokus.gmd.de 10000
        telnet scotty.fokus.gmd.de 10001
        telnet scotty.fokus.gmd.de 10002
        telnet scotty.fokus.gmd.de 10003

to get connected to one of the four available terminals. If telnet
connects, but this terminal is currently in use, you'll get a short
message. You should then try connecting to another port. Once you are
online, log into 2.11BSD with username and password guest/guest1.

Don't forget to logout, before disconnecting with telnet.

Note, that there is an IP connection to the host machine, but not to the
outside world (this is due to IP routing restrictions in out network).

The current implementation emulates a KDJ11A, one or more RLV12, RHV??, RK11
disk controllers, a boot ROM, one or more KL11A controllers, on FreeBSD and
Linux a DEQNA ethernet adapter, a read-only TM11 tape and a standard line
printer interface. A boot ROM (with source code) to boot from RL/RK and RP
discs is included.

On a 450MHz Pentium-III a full 'make world install' of 2.11BSD takes around 6
hours, which is several times faster than a real PDP. Floating point
performance is even higher.

The emulator hast tested with 2.11BSD, RSX and RSX-PLUS, RT V4, V[4567]-Unix
and XXDP.

        Harti B. Brandt

harti brandt,
              brandt_at_fokus.gmd.de, harti_at_begemot.org
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