(from usenet) PDP-11 emulator available

From: healyzh_at_aracnet.com <(healyzh_at_aracnet.com)>
Date: Fri Nov 19 19:32:25 1999

> >"Bob Supnik's is quite excellent with better support
> >from the looks of things"
> Bob's emulator is quite good, but a drawback is that it doesn't
> have MSCP emulation or Ethernet emulation.
> E11 (Ersatz-11) has both. I believe that Viking does as well. I
> don't know about Charon...

Actually, while the lack of MSCP emulation is irritating, I can live with
it. After all I only use the emulator to play around, if I want to actually
use a PDP-11, I can turn on a real one. It is nice being able to practice
SYSGEN's under the emulator, since they go a lot faster. As such I've used
it as a learning tool for my real system. Ethernet would be nice, but what I
view as the MAIN problem is his emulators support of consoles. It really
stinks only having one console, and I'd just as soon plug a DEC terminal
into the PC and use it as the primary interface. I believe that E11 solves
both of those problems.

Of course it would be nice to mount the RT-11 Hobbyist software CD on a
emulator running the Hobbyist RT-11, and without MSCP, I don't believe that
is possible.

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