Supnik simulator for PDP11 mods (Was RE: PDP-11 emulator available)

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Date: Fri Nov 19 13:21:17 1999

The recent interest for simulators/emulators on this list has prompted
me to share publically the modifications I've made to the Supnik 2.3d

It is available at:

Others who have already seen the modified work from me will have known
this file as "sim2.3e.tar.gz." I've changed the distribution file name
to prevent confusion with any official distribution that might perhaps
follow from Mr. Supnik.

There are regular (daily) minor changes to this as I clean it up and
verify portability to other platforms.

My interest in making modifications were for the same reason I've seen
posted about the Supnik emulator: limited serial line support.

Below is a summary of my work.

Please email me any impressions, suggestions, requests and additional

Kudos to Mr. Supnik for his extremely understandable and workable

--------From the top-level README--------
From: Scott G. Taylor
        September 4, 1999.

This is the Supnik Emulator for the Nova, IBM 1401 and DEC PDP
8, 11, and the 18b family PDPs 1, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 15. A directory
exists for each of the models where an executable is created.
(Except for the PDP 1, all the 18b CPUs are handled by the
pdp18b executable coding).

Current copyright information is contained in the file COPYRIGHT.
The original copyright and documentation are contained in the
file 'doc/simh_doc.txt'.

Additions to the original Supnik 2.3d distribution:

A utility program called `xtapeutil' has been added to the utils/
directory. This program allows you to interactively read and
write tape images in the format used by the emulator. You can
create tapes from individual files, or from "tape log" mapped
images. The generated images have been tested extensively and
found to work with all bootable tapes for RSX, RSTS and UNIX
operating systems. It is also currently being reworked to aide
in transferring real-tape data to simulator-format images, as well
as handling labelled real- and simulated-tapes.

Summary of modifications:

The only modifications to the original source code are in the PDP-11
simulator version. With the exception of reorganisation of code into
discrete directories for each simulated processor version, no other
code has been modified. The only exception is a small modification
to allow adjustment of the CLK timing in simulators which utilise
a clock (in common/scp.c). Additionally, a structure of makefiles,
compatible with BSD and GNU make, has been added to facilitate simulator

The PDP-11 code was modified in the following ways:

o Addition of a 4-line DL-11 driver (pdp11_dl.c).

o Removal of the stddev KL11 code. The console KL11 functionality
        has been assumed by the pdp11_dl.c DL11 code. The console line,
        however, can be reimplemented by defining -DUSEKL in the pdp11

o Work-In-Progress on a 4/8-line DZ-11 driver.

o A utility program, called 'netline' has been created to allow
        the simulated DL-11 serial lines to be accessible via TCP
        TELNET protocol.

See README_pdp11 for more details.

Building the simulators:
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