PDP-11 Freeware CD's under emulators

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Date: Fri Nov 19 21:36:58 1999

Zane wrote:

>Of course it would be nice to mount the RT-11 Hobbyist software CD on a
>emulator running the Hobbyist RT-11, and without MSCP, I don't believe that
>is possible.

The best way to do this is with John Wilson's full E11, where you can
directly mount the high (RT-11 disk structure) partitions of the CD-ROM.
Of course, this requires the commercial version of E11 for large disk
MSCP support, and also requires a regular (non-hobbyist) RT-11 license
to run (as the hobbyist RT-11 license is only good on the Supnik emulator.)
I think it also requires a SCSI CD-ROM (though I could be wrong and
it'll work fine with an IDE CD-ROM.)

The next best way to do this is free, and doesn't require commercial
anything, just the Supnik emulator running on your system and a copy
of RT-11 in compliance with the hobbyist license. If you look in the
RT-11 freeware CD at the ISO9660 partition, you'll see that each and
every piece of software on the CD is represented as a logical .DSK
file. In particular, in the /dsk directory, you'll find 185 logical
disks of freeware, split up between the SIGtapes, the DECUS 11-xxx
entries, and the "other" stuff. These can be mounted as any sort of volume you
like under the Supnik emulator, as long as the emulated device is
large enough to hold the contents of the .DSK (i.e. you can use an
emulated RL02 to hold any virtual .DSK up to 20480 block.) Then
you're home free, and have "direct" access under the emulator to all
the contents.

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