Tampa Hamfest

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Sat Nov 20 17:45:51 1999

  I just got back from the Tampa hamfest. Besides all the odds and ends, I
picked up a HP 9845 claculator, three old HP 2623 terminals, two HP 9885 8"
disk drives, a HP 9878 system expansion box and 6 or 7 interfaces for the
9845. Some of the intefaces are brand new and haven't even been unwrapped.
Also picked up a HP 7245 Thermal Plotter. A very strange item! It prints
on thermal roll paper using a full width printhead but it does excellant
printing and plotting.

  Other items of interest include a HeathKit ET-3100 digital trainer with
manual, three IBM computer technical reference manuals (IBM convertable Vol
I and II and PS/2 model 30) and a Tektronix 178 linear IC tester. I also
found another manual for my Tektronix 4051 computer. This one covers the
hardware for the disk drives. Also got some kind of I/O box for the 4051, I
don't know exactly what it is yet. Also got four new manuals for a
Tektronix digital trainer. I left behind a FREE & operable PDP 11/34 with
expansion cabinet. I'm not real interested in DEC stuff and I didn't have
room to haul it or to store it. I barely missed getting a very clean HP 45
calculator in the box with charger for $5. But a close friend of mine
that's also a big HP fan got it so I'm not too upset. All in all, a pretty
good hamfest!

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