PDP-8/m Mystery Board -- CCMP 316 ?

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sat Nov 20 16:16:48 1999

OK, now I've had time to go throug the system and I'm starting to pull out
boards and see about getting the chassis cleaned up. Turns out the card
inventory I'd been given was missing a couple boards, and wasn't in quite
the right order. Not that it matters, here is the order, I know the RFI
shield should be between the Core Plane and the rest of the system.

>M8330 -- Timing board (system clock)
>M8310 \_ KK8E CPU control
>M8300 / KK8E CPU registers
>M847 -- MI8E Hardware Bootstrap Loader.
>M848 -- KP8E Power fail and auto-restart.
Mystery Board
>G104 \
>H220 > MM8E 4K memory (H220)
>G227 /
>M849 -- shield to isolate memory from CPU
>M8650 -- KL8E RS232 or current loop serial interface.
Mystery Board
>M8320 -- KK8E Bus terminator

Here is the info on the Mystery boards (I have two of them):
American Sign
        & Ind Corp
CCMP 316

They have two connectors labled as follows:
Data Output {24-pin Berg connector}

Temp Interface {24-pin Berg connector}

The Data Output connector is the one that the mystery cable I mentioned
yesterday goes to. The on end of the cable is the 24-pin Berg connector,
the other end a 10-pin Cannon Plug.

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