PDP-8/m Mystery Board -- CCMP 316 ?

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sat Nov 20 17:33:40 1999

>Cool, you've picked up a bank sign! This system was used to display a
>message in lights up on a pole somewhere and alternate that with the
>current temperature. If its like the one I've seen there is a 2708
>character ROM on the "data" board. The I played with could display a
>message that is about 65 characters in length on a 32 x 16 set of light
>bulbs. I checked and I don't have any data any more on the sign, I may
>still have a paper tape around here somewhere.

Interesting. Both boards are identical as far as I can tell, both have the
connectors, no sign of a "Data" board, and no 2708's in sight.

What do you plug into the "Temp Interface"? I'm guessing the A/D circuitry
would be part of the temperature probes, which I didn't get :^(

Guess for the time being at least I can leave these out and have a couple
more free slots.

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