Racks ?

From: lwalker_at_interlog.com <(lwalker_at_interlog.com)>
Date: Sun Nov 21 09:39:30 1999

 I've been offered 2 castored racks by the owner of the place I am
using temporarily for storage, which were abandoned by a previous
 They are about 5' high by 24'' wide with lockable front and rear
doors. One of the rear doors had been forced open and I only got
a quick glance inside. I made out a micropolis(IIRC) mfr. label on
one module and a large "PDP 4800" stencil on another one which
looked like a PSU. There were about 20 DB25 cables connected
to one of the modules.
 I'm a complete novice when it comes to mini's, and due to storage
space limitations plus that I would also have to remove them when I
vacate my locker I've been reluctant to take them.
 Anyone have any idea on what they might be ? I realize this is not
much info and will be looking at them again when I have a flashlight
and a means of forcing open a front door panel.

ciao larry
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