Panasonic 8" Floppy Drive

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Date: Sun Nov 21 09:08:00 1999

>> I've found a box with 2 x 8" floppy drives. . . . external to some unknown
>> computer.
>> The box is a Panasonic JB3038P and inside are 2 X JA751 drives.
>> The drive connectors and the cable coming out of the box are all 50 pin,
>> exactly like an internal SCSI cable. Unfortunately it isn't recognised by a
>> SCSI controller, at least not without fiddling with parity and stuff like
>> that.

>Why on earth do you think it would be SCSI? The standard 8" floppy drive
>interface (a de-facto standard defined by the SA800) is a 50 way ribbon
>cable. I'd bet that's what you have.

It *could* be SCSI, assuming a SCSI <-> SA800 controller is in the box
with the floppy drives. These are found not too uncommonly on some
Apollo and other early workstations. The ones that I've had to deal
with were actually SASI.

But, yes, 99% chance that it's just the SA800 interface cable.

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