HP's not cool? (was Re: pdp-11/60 Semi-Rescue)

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Sun Nov 21 14:00:05 1999

At 04:54 PM 11/21/99 +0000, Tony wrote:
>> I think anyone who has been hooked by HP gear would say the same thing.
>> Even before anything with the HP logo on it could grab my undivided
>> attention, I was always amazed at the kind of ingenuity and engineering
>> brilliance that went into the physical design of the systems.
>Yep... HP stuff _used_ to be very well engineered, both electronically
>and mechanically. The 9100 is a total work of art, for example :-). I
>love working on such machines.
>Just a pity that modern HP stuff is nowhere near as good, and that their
>support at the moment is a total joke.

   Very true but there are still lots of fine old HPs out there that need
to be rescued! I have little interest in anything newer than the HP 71. I
even gave away my HP 48. Don't even ask about the HP 49!

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