new hamfest additions

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sun Nov 21 12:44:54 1999

>pretty good hamfest in benson, nc probably because the greensboro one next
>month is cancelled. picked up 2 tandy model 100s and 1 kyotronic 85 (same
>thing) for $15, a mac adb mouse, XGA2 card still in box and other pc junk.
>unfortunately, had to pass on a coco2 with disk drive and a really clean PS/2
>77. it breaks my heart, but you really cant save everything...

What are some interesting PS/2 models?

And no funny business like the guy that joked about little all in one units
being nice (I had three before I found out it was funnY). I found the AC
adapter for my 5140 yesterday, and earlier this week picked up a nice L40.
Two shelves of 9595's seem plenty, although I may scrap a pallet of them
setting at a salvage place for more parts. I have been trying to locate
good stuff out of said pallets for the last week, but three model 58's look
like the top of the heap unless something better is in the still wrapped
tight pallet of servers.

Pomona hamfest was decidedly smaller due to early morning rain, even though
it stayed dry the rest of the day (too many guys come in open bed trucks).
Hopefully I hooked Arron on coming once in awhile, not too much of a drive
was it?
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