Great Saturday

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Sun Nov 21 15:53:54 1999

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me, as I found some of the following:

1. Tomy robot at thrift for $2.80 need some work but could not pass on it, too low a price.

2. Mics Grid items.

3. Nice Apple Mac items most not 10 years old yet.

4. 12 AMIGA software packages NEW and Unopened for the 500/1000/2000 series.

5. Various cards for the Apple II, IIplus, and IIe with some manuals.

6. About 30+ books from Apples to Next machines.

7. A Travel Data Systems 28 computer complete and new in box for $2.50 at thrift.

8. Koala pad for Apple II. IIplus, IIe

9. Something TG Products in Planto TX has mounting for 6 chips each with it's own switch ?????

And many more items not yet 10 years old. Keep on Computing John

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