Apple ][+ find and info/sw request...

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Mon Nov 22 02:13:07 1999

"Jay West" <> wrote:
> Additional question - when I had my apple ][+ at around age 15 or so, I
> always used a monochrome monitor. I never had color before I got rid of it
> around age 20. I was wondering - does a stock apple ][+ support a color
> monitor or is it monochrome via the RCA jack unless you get an add-in card?

The Apple ][ supported color from day 1, although the earliest revisions
of the logic board (before the ][+) only supported four colors [*] in
high-resolution mode, vs. six colors [*] on later boards. The color
support, combined with the open architecture and not-too-ridiculous
price are largely credited with Apple's amazing success in the early


[*] In this context, black and white are considered to be colors.
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