Tektronix 8501 Data Management Unit

From: Enrico Badella <enrico.badella_at_softstar.it>
Date: Mon Nov 22 17:06:24 1999

Tony Duell wrote:
> I think I may have a user manual somewhere, but alas no schematics.
> This is part of a Tektronix development system. There's another unit, the
> same size, that contains options like a logic analyser, EPROM programmer,
> In-Circuit Emulator, etc.

I used it quite a bit to debug an 80186 based 3270/SNA card for PCs and had
all the manuals but I never saw any schematics. At that time I was young
and unexperienced and didn't collect much stuff ;-)
> > I have picked one up because it based on a LSI-11/2 (M7270) and it
> > reminds me of my first job in Olivetti many years ago.
> Yes, it's a real DEC CPU card with Tektronix peripheral cards. The
> backplane has one Q-bus connector at one end for the CPU and non-DEC edge
> connectors for all the other cards.

> IIRC, these units either had 2 Qume 8" floppy drives or one floppy drive
> and a Micropolis 1203 hard disk with the Micropolis controller board on top.

Mine is the 2 Qume floppy type. Never saw the one with the HD, but I remember
reding it ran some type of Unix.

> Mine, alas, is not easy to get to, or I'd pull the covers and have a look
> at the PSU for you. If you get no other help, you might just convince me
> to have a look.

I called Tek in Italy and the didn't even know what I was talking about 8-(.
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