From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Tue Nov 23 16:29:55 1999

Well thanks to the PDP-8/m, I'm finally getting around to trying to figure
out how to use my Tek 465B scope. Unfortunatly according to my Dad the
scope needs some work, I figure he should know as he retired from Tek.
With his help I did finally get some readings, not quite what I'm looking
for, but I'm fighting several obsticales. No manual, an apparently flakey
scope and you *don't* even want to know what I'm using for probes (hint,
they looked kitbashed, and I've had to extend the connectors to be able to
take readings).

End result, I'm pondering just going out and buying a new scope (which I'll
be the first person to say is really, really stupid given my electronics
abilities). Looking at what the recommended replacement for my scope is, I
see it's a TDS220, and more than I want to spend. The recommended
replacement for the scope listed in the PDP-8/e/f/m maintenance manual is a
TDS210, still more than I really want to spend, but getting closer. Does
anyone have any recommendations for good new scopes that would probably
only be used for working on DEC gear (but you never know). Ease of use,
and small size a big plus. Ideally something under $1000, or even better

Is Fry's a good place to get scopes? They've probably got the best
selection in the area that I'm aware of.

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