From: Mike Cheponis <mac_at_Wireless.Com>
Date: Tue Nov 23 17:04:06 1999

Actually, Fry's is often a good place to buy equipment if you buy the demo
unit and make sure it's covered by the original warranty. I got my Tek
TDS 210 that way, and got a substantial discount, to boot, even with sales
tax thrown in. You gotta haggle a little, but it's worth it!

-Mike Cheponis

On Tue, 23 Nov 1999, Al Kossow wrote:

> "Is Fry's a good place to get scopes?"
> Fry's isn't a good place to buy anything. They would be the LAST
> place I'd buy any test gear from.
> I personally think you'll be better off with a late model used
> TEK scope (my fav is the 2465A right now) than anything you'd
> be able to buy new in your price range.
> You should be able to find a 2465 in decent shape for $1000-$1500
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