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Date: Tue Nov 23 17:38:12 1999

> Why don't you fix the 465? They're great scopes and manuals and
> accessories are easy to get for them. Even a DEC head should be able to
> fix one, given enough time!
> Joe

Well, I gotta admit part of it has to do with seeing how small the newer
scopes are! You know, smaller testgear means more room for bigger
computers. Especially when it looks like I could tuck a TDS210 Oscope looks
like it would fit inside some of the free space under the drives on my
PDP-11/44 :^)

OK, on a serious note, one of the things I'm looking at, is it a better
investement to go out and get manuals and probes, as well as possibily get
the scope fixed, or just pick up a new one or a good used one that is all
there from a reputable dealer (as opposed to a swap meet).


PS I suppose I deserve the DEC Head crack after that HP comment :^)
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