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Date: Wed Nov 24 11:48:55 1999

> As I see it, the thought that the Museum "sells," "trashes," or "scraps"
> artifacts is untenable. In nearly four years as curator and manager of
> historical collectons at the Center, I have no personal knowledge of any
> such activities. On the contraty, in the best tradition of computer

Four years is a terribly short time compared to many memories here. Some
of the events are referencing things that have happend before that window.

Now if you can show they didn't happen then we can dispel what can be
urban legend that would be a good thing. Likely history is not in favor
of that.

Specifically there are three DEC systems that TCM/Boston had, PDP-1, PDP-6
and a PDP-7. Where are they and what is their current status?

> 1. I invite everyone on this list to visit the History Center in Mountain
> View, California.

Little chance, gotta have money to get there.

> 2. Get involved! The Center belongs to the community that supports it and
> we have dozens of important tasks (both real and virtual) that need to be
> done and that can draw on the talents of everyone. Drop me a line if
> you're interested.

No interest, much to far away.

> 6. Become a member! We have probably the largest single collection of
> electronic computing artifacts in the world--yet we are swamped and could
> really used the help--$$ or time--in our preservation efforts.

There are other groups also desperate for attention.

> 7. Spread the word that what we do is worthwhile. If I haven't managed to
> convince you, please call me personally and I would be pleased to talk with
> you, on any topic.

You have not dispelled history of 10+ years.

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