Debugging ONMIBUS cards

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 13:50:32 1999

--- wrote:
> No I don't. First off make sure the "tty" is configured correctly. Real
> TTYs are wired with keyboard bit 7 high and all 8 reader bits active.
> This is hard to duplicate with terminal programs.

For now, I'm using a VT220 as an output-only device. I haven't gotten as
far as attempting input.

> > I'd still love to hear why a KK8A isn't happy with the -8/e frontpanel...
> They are not compatable at the control level not the bus level. The KK8a
> was not designed with a "peripheral" reaching into it's registers and data
> paths. I'd bet if the kk8a runs in the 8e box the FP can display but only
> limited things.

That sounds like a reasonable explaination, but how, then, does the DKC8AA
"reach into" the KK8A to implement _its_ frontpanel? I would have thought
that the OMNIBUS is the OMNIBUS is the OMNIBUS.



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