The Computer Museum History Center Collections Policy

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Wed Nov 24 14:29:19 1999

> Dear Friends of Computer History,

> Let's move on. How can our two communities work together to preserve the
> history of the machines and people who invented and used them?

I dont suppose the museum accepts computers on an indefinite 'loan' from
private collectors? I might be willing to loan machines to a museum for
many years... Machines such as Sun 1/100U, Terak 8510/a, or a MicroAce
(the american made, and subsequently found to be illegally made clone
of the Sinclair ZX80, which is exceedingly rare). I'm sure there are
others that have similarly rare artifacts that they are preserving, which
they wouldnt mind loaning to a museum for a decade or three so that
others could see and appreciate the items.

-Lawrence LeMay
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