From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Nov 25 01:20:49 1999

>> Grrrrrr.
>I agree with you, Dave- it seems that recently there's been a surge of
>"this or that computer is junk, it's only worth scrap for metals content.
>I'll enjoy scrapping this one" As I recall, indiscriminate bashing of any

This is an iceberg kind of thing, 90%+ of old computers are going to the
shredders, or just as bad sitting in some deteriorating environment. 90% of
the rest is getting dismantled for parts, and only a tiny number are being
kept "operational".

My attitude is that you can love the forest, and still build a wooden house
with a fireplace.

The way to save old systems is to hunt them down and buy them. Offer 7
cents a pound and you might win every scrap bid in the country. Want to
stop a system from being scrapped, three words are all it takes, "I'll buy
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