LET'S RESOLVE THIS ISSUE was (Re: Made a deal to get a Vax6000,2Fujitsu Supercomputers and TOPS10???)

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Date: Thu Nov 25 09:08:42 1999

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Subject: Re: LET'S RESOLVE THIS ISSUE was (Re: Made a deal to get a
Vax6000,2Fujitsu Supercomputers and TOPS10???)

><That's life. I *really* find it hard to understand why scrapping a Vax
><11/780 would break your heart when there are probably at least 100,000 lef
><in mills out there... and no one wants them!
>As a collector I'd think you'd at least know the numbers produced and the
>current population. 11/780s have actually become quite scarce being 20
>years old, slow by even microvax standards and power hungry. I'd bet
>finding more than one or two would be less than easy.
>The question is, do you know if it's common or scarce?

That's easy Allison.

I have refused three Vax 11/780s this year so far the went to the
shredder... I don't know how many more in the spring I refused as I was not
taking any more systems from factories/liquidators[ things were slow].

Now that I have a site on the Internet and a presense on this list.. I have
a pile of wish lists, requests, orders, etc...

and I now have 1 person out of a few hundred that is willing to purchase 1
Vax 11/780 *just* over my scrap cost. *All* the others aren't interested.

No one else wants them... and many factories kept them in *stores* when they
were finsihed with them as most don't bother even scrapping the stuff.

I generally figure out current population by the number of requests I get to
pick up a model of a mini. Also, I look at what the collector community is
looking for. Further, I have yet to find a Museum even willing to pay a
*scrap* price for such a unit (let's not even talk about shipping costs).

BTW: This company has put a request to their board for $1.7 Million to
remove all the rest of the minis by spring and replace them with an NT
system. I will no doubt be getting a call to pick up more Vaxes (already saw
2 11/750s - Uggggggh), a Mentor mini (business basic running inventory), and
a pile of other minis I have not seen yet. I do know I will be getting a
pile of ASR-33s... no idea why they held onto them.

If you have items you are seriously looking for please-mail me. I won't be
dragging everything to the shop.


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